Commercial Interior & Exterior Photography

The gardens at RHS Wisley are well known to be amongst the most beautiful in the UK, so I was excited when I was asked by The Alan Nuttall Partnership to photograph the incredible job they had done fitting out the new buildings. The spacious new buildings house a garden centre, large gift shop, cafe and restaurant, and I had just one day to capture it all with my camera. I had to work quick!y! The interiors feature some amazing focal points, like a bookshop with books hanging from the ceiling, and an events space with hundred of trowels hanging from another ceiling!

The weather on the day I was there was not perfect by any means, but fortunately the clouds parted in the afternoon just in time for me to get a few shots of the outdoor part of the garden centre.

It really is an amazing space, I recommend you visit to see it with your own eyes, but until then, here are some of my favourite images.