Office Lifestyle Photos

Every business is different; with unique people, its own workspace and culture. That’s why the public-facing image of your business shouldn’t feature generic stock photography. It doesn’t do your business justice. Having someone (like me) come to your office or workspace to take some photos of the real people that make your business tick can make a real difference. I can help create images that are authentic to your business culture, photos that show the viewer what it’s really like to work in your company.

Verisure are a provider of residential and commercial alarm systems all featuring the latest technology. They have a large sales team across the country selling to all manner of people, and their sales team is made up of outgoing, lively people with great energy. It was this energy and the resulting company culture that I was aiming to capture in my photos at and around their head office in London.

Some of my favourite photos from the shoot can be seen below.