Hot Chocolate!

This month I had the pleasure of photographing some rather delicious chocolates made by a friend of a friend who is starting an online chocolate business.

The Chilli Chocolate Company, which will be launching soon, specialises in chocolate with a bit of a kick. Having tasted a few sneaky samples whilst shooting, I can vouch for the kick they have - delicious but with a nice small amount of heat to go along with it.

The photos were all for online use so a nice white background was required. The chocolates were shot in a light tent with studio lights from multiple sides to ensure a shadowless look. I added the reflections and shadow in post production to give it a nice gloss.

Product photography is a nice break from portrait and event photography - I like it a lot, especially when the end product is perishable, edible and delicious! 

Here's a selection of the chocolates for your viewing pleasure.

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