Daou Jewellery Photos

Many of might not know my mum is an amazing jewellery designer and I've taken photos for her many times before - check her work out at the Sharon Tyler Jewellery website.

I've also taken photos for the very talented jewellery designer Anna Byers, who is doing rather well I'm pleased to see.

So I was happy and excited when an old friend of mine, Dalia Daou, came to me recently. Having moved out of a career in the city, Dalia has re-launched her family's jewellery brand which was started in 1930. Dalia designs the pieces herself but they are made to the highest level of quality using gold, silver, diamonds and other precious stones in Hatton Garden, London. You can learn more on her website, DaouJewellery.com. The following photos, at the time of writing, aren't yet on her website but they will be soon.

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