Recruiting Angolans

This weekend just passed I spent some time taking photos at a business event run by a London based company called Elite International Careers. They specialise in international recruitment events and this one was specifically for companies working in Angola.

There is a law in Angola that companies must recruit one Angolan national for each foreign national they employ. For this reason, Elite IC runs events like this one to bring together Angolans in other places (like London in this case) so that they can talk to companies who would like them to come back to Angola for work. Many of the companies are large energy companies with huge workforces.

Over the course of the weekend event, candidates could meet prospective employers, participate in workshops, attend talks given by company representatives, and even have job interviews. Many candidates were offered jobs during the weekend, which is a great success story for Elite IC.

The workshops were a particular favourite of mine, with the participants split into teams. The first activity was to form a bobsleigh team that could move together as a unit from left to right whilst moving forward. The second involved being given half an hour to build a giraffe from just newspaper and sticky tape. The tallest (stable) giraffe was deemed the winner.

Here is a selection of my favourite shots from the weekend.