Nick and Jim The Truck

Nick bought Jim several years ago in 2007. Jim was a secure truck used for moving money around. But Nick had other plans for Jim. Nick dreamed of driving Jim around the world. But first, he had to modify Jim quite drastically.

Since he bought Jim, Nick has spent most of his time when he wasn't working full time transforming Jim into an amazing motor home. 

The original plan was to drive all the way to Australia, but that changed to a long road trip across the US of A. 

Jim has come an awful long way from what he was like in 2007. This was what he looked like back then... 

Jim The Truck in 2007

Jim The Truck in 2007

He's had a new coat of paint and a hec of a lot of modification. Inside is a double bed, kitchen, shower, dining table and a whole lot of electronics. 

If you're interested, you can read much more about the transformation Jim has undertaken at the hands of Nick on Nick's blog

Anyway, I'm very jealous of the trip that Nick and his new wife Naomi are soon to depart on. I wasn't going to miss an opportunity to take some photos of Nick and Jim whilst Jim was in East London getting an awning attached to his side at Cody Dock in Canning Town.

Today presented the perfect afternoon weather-wise for the kind of photos I wanted to take - moody, contrasty shots which show the industrial nature of the truck and what Nick has done to it.  

Here's a selection of my favourite shots for your viewing pleasure.