Bloomsbury Clinic at Mortimer Market Centre

Today I spent the morning at the Bloomsbury Clinic at Mortimer Market Centre, which is a clinic for people with HIV located just off Tottenham Court Road, London. 

It's a great clinic full of lively and lovely staff, who clearly care very much about what they do and the services they provide for their patients. 

The shoot was organised by Taskbar Digital, a small digital agency based in Essex. It's not the first time I've worked with them and I'm sure it won't be the last. I spent some time shooting some portraits of a plasterer turned life-coach for another client of theirs not so long ago.

 We spent the morning wondering around the clinic, taking photos of the facility itself, portraits of key staff members, and photos of some training which many staff were undergoing. I also was allowed into the pharmacy to take some photos, which was great fun.

Taskbar Digital are in the midst of designing a new website for the clinic itself, which is the reason for the photo shoot, as they have a strong preference for not using stock imagery. I couldn't agree more! I look forward to seeing the final website design with some of my photos in it. I've picked out a few for you to see here: