Personal Trainer Photography

This week I spent a couple of hours shooting a personal trainer, Haisam, who is about to set up a new business offering people an incredible body transformation service in just twelve weeks.

I've had personal training sessions with one of his friends down at Fitness First in Clapham Junction and that's how he found out about me. I think personal training on a regular basis is a brilliant way to get in shape but just having a few sessions every now and again is also great because it refreshes your workout regime.

Anyway, Haisam wanted some photos for his new website. The photos needed to portray him as being serious about what he does, because in order to successfully transform your body in just twelve weeks you need to take it pretty seriously. He didn't want the photos to just be like a topless model shoot so he wore gym gear which is enough for his amazing frame to be seen.

Here are a few of my favourite photos, so if you know any personal trainers in need of some new shots, tell them to get in touch for some quality photography. I help them look even better than they do already!