Meeting Captain Obvious

In April I was invited along by the team at to their office to take some photos. However, on this occasion they didn’t need the kind of photos I would normally take in an office, like headshots or team photos. No, not this time. 

They were organising a secret visit from Captain Obvious, the character at the centre of their advertising campaigns. Captain Obvious, a funny character who is always impeccably dressed in his captain’s uniform, is played by an actor from Los Angeles. Not only was he incredibly charming as Captain Obvious, he was also a lovely guy on the odd occasion when he did break character. 

Captain Obvious was given the task of wandering around the office, interrupting meetings, video calls, and other general tomfoolery. Naturally, he ended up posting for more than a few selfies. I had a blast following him around the office for a few hours, capturing people’s reactions to his cheeky manner and American charm. Here are some of my favourite photos from the afternoon.