Like A Kid In An Ice Cream Factory

I like ice cream. There aren't too many people who don't! 

That's why I was very excited when Unilever Wall's got in touch asking if I was free to travel to their main factory in Gloucester. I don't think I had anything else on that day, but if I had, I think I would have happily moved things around so that I wouldn't miss out on such an opportunity!

Arriving at the factory, I had to watch a health and safety video, before I was issued with a white coat, plastic safety glasses, a hair net and last of all a beard snood. I wouldn't say I have a beard - just some unruly stubble, but you can never be too sure. I certainly wouldn't want some facial hair in my Magnum ice cream!

The aim of my visit was to take a photo to accompany an article in the Daily Mail about Unilever's booming ice cream business, so we wondered around the factory taking lots of different shots, but the main focus was on the number one selling brand, Magnum. It was amazing to see the machines creating Magnum after Magnum at such speed. Hundreds are created every minute.

The Daily Mail opted to go with what you might call the 'money shot' which is the part of the process when the frozen ice cream on a stick is dipped in the melted chocolate. 

I was very happy to taste a freshly produced Magnum. It was oh so good.

You can see the photo that was published in the paper here.