Design Ventura Winners

I was invited along to the Design Museum a couple of weeks ago to take some photos of some students from Manchester who had won the museum’s Design Ventura prize.

The competition, sponsored by Deutsche Bank, was to design and create a new product that could be sold in the museum shop.

The students came up with a great product, called ‘Card Cogs’, which are little plastic discs with grooves cut into them that allow you to easily build robust structures out of playing cards. The ‘Card Cogs’ are sold in a box along with a deck of playing cards, so people can start building anything their imagination conjures up straight away.

The students came up to the museum in the morning, picked up the materials that had been manufactured and then formed an assembly line in a nearby restaurant to package the ‘Card Cogs’ up in their packaging, ready to be sold. Later in the day they headed over to the Deutsche Bank offices in the city to set up a pop-up shop in the lobby, with the aim of selling as many units as possible bankers on their lunch break.

My pick of the photos can be seen below.