Five Hundred, Twenty Five Thousand, Six Hundred Minutes

I started out this photography business from scratch just under three years ago, and I couldn't be happier that I did. 

2015 has been another of growth, not only in the volume of work but also in the number of happy clients who keep coming back to me.

I also feel like I've grown myself this year creatively and personally. It's the year I proposed to my fiancée, bought a house and started to put down some roots in north London, which was a big thing for me, having grown up south of the river.

This year has seen all manner of things in front of my camera lens, which has made for an entertaining, challenging and varied time. I've shot loads of events, ranging from the Olivier Awards in April to the Stonewall Awards in November right through to various company Christmas parties in December. I've photographed more interiors this year, which I've really enjoyed. I've also shot several weddings which have all been amazing fun, each in their own way, some with small civil ceremonies, some big Jewish weddings with energy through the roof, and others in churches and photography studios!

I also attended the first ever Nine Dots Gathering which was an, 'ahem', gathering of wedding photographers from across the UK. We learnt from the world's best wedding photographers and played a lot of ping pong. I made some great friends and can't wait to do it again next year!

2016 will bring my own wedding, which fills me with excitement, especially as my now good friend Jon Mold will be shooting it along with my other new buddy Dan Bold

It's going to be another great year I hope. In the mean time, I've pulled together a few (well, about 100) of my favourite shots from the past five hundred, twenty five thousand, six hundred minutes.

Have a great festive break everyone and a very happy new year!