Fruit & Veg In A Bottle

I love a good smoothie. I know, they’re full of naturally occurring sugar, so they’re not as healthy as they seem, but I still love them.

I was very pleased when the team at Diffusion PR got in touch, asking me to take some photos for their new client, Vegesentials. They make smoothies, you see, but they don’t just contain fruit, they also have a lot of vegetables in them too, which makes them even healthier.

There’s also a great story behind Vegesentials. A working mum, Patience Arinaitwe-Mugadu started making smoothies for her son to take to school with him, because it was the best way to get him to eat vegetables. It wasn’t long before his friends at school tasted the smoothies, loved them and went home to their mums asking for them too. So she decided to ditch the (well paid) day job and launch herself into making smoothies full time. It wasn’t long before her husband, Andrew Mugadu, joined her full time and now you can find Vegesentials smoothies in Whole Foods and many Waitrose stores.

Here are some of my favourite images from the day.