Best Of 2017

2018 has a much more pleasing feel to it than 2017. Maybe it's the fact that it's an even number. Anyway, 2017 was another good year for me and my business. I've won some terrific new clients and have begun to focus the business more on corporate photography than ever before. This has led to more people finding me through Google which is great for them and me!

In 2018 I'm aiming to continue this trend and I'd love to acquire some more regular clients who have an ongoing need for fresh, creative and stand out corporate photography. Whether it's portraits of people, photos of events or office photos for your company website, I can and would love to help. Just get in touch.

It was a challenging task whittling down the many thousands of images I shot last year to a manageable amount, but a fun process too, often stumbling across images I had forgotten about. That's what I love about photos, the way they can reignite a memory that had faded.

Anyway, on with the show, or slideshow in this case. Happy new year everyone, thanks for swinging by my website. Andy