Corporate Christmas Party

It's that time of year when the livers of office workers across the capital are put to the test. The silly season. The fortnight when it's acceptable to go out for more than just a casual drink on a work night. And this season brings along with it the annual company Christmas party. Every company's Christmas party is different, but most have one thing in common; booze, an lots of it. The results? Hilarious dancing, laughter, jokes, short term office romances, and of course the whole office's decreased productivity the following day owing to the collective hangover.

I've photographed the EF Christmas party for three years now, and these guys know how to party. The first year was at 8 Northumberland, a great venue in the centre of town. Last year they held it at the Waterloo Vaults, another fun venue, and this year it was held at the awesome beast of a venue in Canada Water called the Printworks, which (if you hired out the whole thing) can hold 6000 people! EF didn't need quite that much space, so used their publishing space. The whole venue used to be the printing press for 24 years, with daily issues of The Evening Standard, The Daily Mail and The Metro rolling off its presses. As a result the venue has a wicked industrial vibe to it that not many places can rival.

Anyway, the party was kicked off with a speech from the Co-Chairman and from there, the fun kicked on well into the evening. There was a fantastic live band, rocking the dance floor with two amazing sets. A photo booth was operating, there were food trucks offering different cuisines and for the young at heart there were even dodgems - the only kind of driving where it's alright if you've had a drink or two before taking part!

The EF team are always brilliant fun and they didn't disappoint on the dance floor yet again. I'm already looking forward to next year's party...