Postcode Lottery Green Challenge 2014 Launch

I'm still catching up on blogging all the stuff I've been up to, which is good I suppose as it must mean I've been fairly busy! It's now May and I'm still blogging things from March.

I spent an afternoon at the London Science Museum for a launch event for the Postcode Lottery Green Challenge. It's an annual competition for entrepreneurs with green businesses to win 500,000 euros. The competition has been going for 7 years and is going from strength to strength thanks to funding from the Postcode Lottery.

This launch event saw a talk from Nick Christy, a previous winner of the challenge for his company, Cintep, who create super eco-friendly showers. He spoke about his experiences and what he thinks makes a good entry for the competition. Baroness Verma also spoke for a short while about the competition, what makes it so successful and how important it is to encourage young entrepreneurs.

Following the speeches and some networking over canapes, those that were interested were treated to a quick tour of the museum, in particular the exhibit that features a product from another previous winner of the competition. The product was a brick, yes, that's right, a brick, which is made with no CO2, in fact grown from bacteria. Amazing.

All in all it was a great event and I'm looking forward to seeing who wins the competition this year. Here are a few of my favourite photos from the afternoon.