New Website, New Blog, New Host

I've taken the plunge and moved my website from over to 

The number one reason I did it was to help my search engine optimisation (SEO) ranking, because Squarespace has integrated blogging features. That means I don't have to use Wordpress - it's all done from the one content management system (CMS).


I did manage to import all my content from my old blog though, which is great - meaning this blog doesn't look totally empty and devoid of content. Google and the other search engines like new content added regularly, so I'm going to try to blog more often in the hope that it will help this site rise up the search engine rankings.

What do I want to rank for? I just want to be up there for terms like South London Photographer, photography and PR photography. 

I'm sure it won't be a fast process but it's worth a shot!