The Walk.Eat.Talk.Eat. tour gets going through the streets of East London Today I had the pleasure of joining a food tour of East London led by my friend Charli and her walking tours company, Walk.Eat.Talk.Eat.

We started in Dishoom, a modern Indian restaurant, before heading across the road to grab some supersize jammy dodgers from Albion for the impending walk.

Having scoffed down the jammy dodgers, we headed to Brick Lane to grab a beigel, although the shop was so busy that we skipped it and headed to Ely's Yard instead. Huddling under the gazebo to stay out of the rain, we had these lovely Italian flatbreads from Piadina Pronta, and tasty (but not too spicy) buffalo wings from Orange Buffalo.

Italian flatbreads from Piadina Pronta

To finish off there were chips from Poppies fish and chip shop on Hanbury Street, which have apparently recently won an award for having the best chips in London. I'm not sure I agree with that though!