Becca & Ron's Beautiful Forest Wedding in Israel

Last week I spent four days in Tel Aviv, Israel, for my friend Becca's wedding to her Israeli fiance, Ron. The wedding itself was in a forest outside of Tel Aviv, on the way to Jerusalem, and it was simply beautiful. 

Israeli weddings are a lot more relaxed than the majority of British weddings, and this was no exception. There was food before the ceremony, food after the ceremony, and some more food later on. Plenty of food, then! And it was delicious.

The DJ smashed out some brilliant music for everyone to dance to and there were few people who didn't get on the dance floor. Israeli dancing to techno music? Sure, why not?! 

I wasn't the official photographer on this occasion but I did manage to get a few snaps that I'd be happy with if I had been! See some of my favourites below.

Mazal tov Becca & Ron! xxx