Nick and Naomi's Beautiful Wedding at South Farm

This Sunday just past I was a guest at my cousin Nick's wedding to his long time belle, Naomi.

Nick and Naomi surprised me and many others when they decided to tie the knot after nearly a decade of going out. They just didn't seem the type to do a conventional thing like getting married.

So when they did decide to do it, I anticipated a very alternative event, like no other wedding I've been to. I heard it was in the country and my thought process was thus; Nick, having spent much of his youth heavily involved in underground music and DJ-ing, would surely have one big rave in a field.

Well I was wrong. The venue wasn't a field. It was the beautiful South Farm.  The weather, despite being at the end of September, was perfect like a mid-summer's day. The scene was set for a lovely country wedding. With ludicrous party hats. Oh, did I not mention the ludicrous party hats and the 'anything goes' dress code? Well, it was never going to be an entirely normal wedding! Check out some of the magnificent hats on display!


Aside from some people wearing suits and others wearing animal onesies, the hats made for a great conversation starter. 

South Farm was a brilliant venue. The staff were all amazing, the place looked gorgeous in the late September sunshine and basking in that sun were a bunch of white peacocks and little piglets - so cute!

The bride and groom didn't disappoint either. Naomi looked ridiculously good, in a stunning white dress with a lovely floral headdress, whilst Nick wore a bespoke blue check jacket and a very pimp maroon fedora hat. 

Dinner was delicious with the vegetables all from South Farm itself, and sandwiched between courses were some really touching speeches. After dinner the musical entertainment was provided by the very funky Hackney Colliery Band - everyone got down to some drum'n'bass as requested by Nick and some modern classics including Empire State of Mind by Jay-Z and Alicia Keys.

All in all it was a fantastic wedding that I won't forget in a hurry and I'm delighted to be able to share some alternative photos of the day.